Charities Supports

Giving back to the community is important as a local business, and as human beings. proudly donates on a regular basis to the following causes:

ChangeUp for Charity

ChangeUp’s mission is to revolutionize charitable giving by directly connecting people, retailers and charities in ways that are efficient, transparent and fun. The goal is for users to donate easily to any charity at any time, and to help charities increase the efficiencies of raising funds.

We donate $1 of every transaction processed to Proof of our daily transactions and giving can be provided at any time. During checkout, you may request to donate to your own charity from hundreds of charities to choose from.

Grand Central Neighborhood Social Services

The Grand Central Neighborhood Social Services Corporation provides basic necessities and a range of social services to New York City homeless population. donates toiletries, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, and travel kits to Grand Central Neighborhood Social Services.