The Best Tailors in The United States of America

We often get asked for good tailor recommendations outside of New York. So we did extensive research, and came up with a list of reputable tailors throughout the country. Tailors who stand behind their work, tailors who take pride in their work. Just like we do, just like our clients expect.

We read and re-read each tailors reviews online, personally communicated with each tailor about their business, and verified every tailor's experience. We are confident that these are The Best Tailors in all of America:


G&V Tailoring
Address: Behind 2305 Main Street, Santa Monica, CA 90405
Phone Number: Wedding and Bridesmaid Alterations: Varsik (310) 309-0599, other inquiries: (424) 262-2305

If a perfect tailoring experience with excellent quality and attention to detail is what you have been looking for, then G & V Tailoring will amaze you. Having been in the tailoring industry since 1974, G & V prides in giving a personalized experience to every client to ensure a perfect fit, all at affordable prices. Since inception, the family-owned tailor shop has been custom tailoring in Armenia and Europe, and eventually set up shop in the USA in 2008. Wondering whether you should alter your garment or not? Or whether you should return it? Feel free to visit G & V for free consultations. Their specialists are happy to advise, even when it does not lead to alteration. Their slogan is; “we want what is best for the customer.”

G & V Tailoring

G & V Tailoring offers the perfect tailoring experience: excellent quality with attention to detail, quick turn around, affordable prices, and the perfect fit. We also provide free consultations. Tailoring since 1974, come check us out!


Tarpy Tailors

Tarpy Tailors is a two generation, family business headquartered in Los Angeles, California. We provide various uniforms to Airlines, Cruise Lines, Restaurants, Hotels, and Casinos.


Irene Rocha Tailor
Address: 257 Main Street, Danbury, CT 06810
Phone Number: (203) 825-5000

Custom tailoring of clothing with precision, talent and speedy turnarounds are some of the attributes of Irene Rocha Tailor. Irene Rocha, who is the CEO and founder of Irene Rocha Tailor, has more than 15 years of experience in tailoring and assures customers of satisfaction in the fit, comfort, and appearance of their clothing. Irene Rocha emigrated from Brazil to USA, with one mission: ‘to provide customers with master quality service in the custom tailoring and garment alteration industry’. This mission is realized in every project she takes and has helped grow her business to be one of the most respected tailor firms in the world. Irene Rocha and her staff of professional seamstress have one saying, “no job is too big, or too small for them.”


Irene Rocha Tailor | Master Tailor & Alterations, Irene Rocha , with more than 15 years of experience making dresses, suits, serves customers with knowledge, experience, and expertise in the CT, NY, NJ, MA and big brands as adviser. Hand Made Custom Luxury Dress, Suits, Fines


The Tailored Fit
Address: 611 W 11th St, Suite 2, Bloomington, IN 47404
Phone Number: (812) 323-2665

One size fits no one, and you certainly deserve clothes that fit you. The Tailored Fit’s focus is to provide creative solutions for the hard to fit clothes, including custom sewing and alterations. While The Tailored Fit shop has been running for the past 18 years, Margaret Fette, who is the owner has over 25 years of tailoring experience. Her staff, additionally, has more than 60 years of experience in tailoring and alterations. Margaret worked on Broadway for a year at Carelli Costumes, sewing for many shows including Phantom of the Opera, Jekyll & Hyde, and Rent. She has taught at a variety of craft schools including John C Campbell Folk School and as a visiting lecturer at Indiana University in their fashion design program. Apart from custom tailoring, The Tailored Fit offers sewing classes for all levels. 

Alterations |Tailor | The Tailored Fit Bloomington IN

The Tailored Fit is Bloomington, Indiana's Premier Alterations Shop and Tailor 812-323-2665


Leonard's Tailoring
Address: 2806 S. Brentwood Blvd, Brentwood, MO 63144
Phone Number: (314) 962-9669

While fashion changes, a good fit and attention to details never go out of style. Leonard’s Tailoring takes delight in ensuring every customer walks out of their shop with a smile. If you ever need a perfect fit at a moment’s notice, then Leonard is the tailor you have been looking for. Their hours of operation are convenient, the staff is friendly with consultations, the fitting is concise, and the custom tailoring is top-notch. Leonard has been a tailor for more than 35 years and always stays on top of the current fashion. Leonard’s Tailoring is an old-school tailor shop dedicated to providing exceptional service. For them, every customer and every tailoring project is important.  

Leonard's Tailoring

Leonard's Tailoring is an old-school tailor shop dedicated to serving your needs. No job is too big or too small for us. Whether you need your jeans hemmed or would like to design your own prom dress - we'll be glad to help you.


A - Z Tailor & Alterations
Address:  514 S Stratford Road, Ste 109, Winston Salem, NC 27103
Phone Number: (336) 407-4540

Nothing is more satisfying than seeing your apparel have a second chance at making a first impression. It’s even more pleasing when a piece of clothing fits you like it was made specifically for you. A-Z Tailor & Alterations team of professionals bring enthusiasm to every piece of garment and are committed to providing expert service to keep you coming back. They foster great customer relations, have reasonable prices and good turn around even on a short time notice. From seams to buttons, hems to zippers, polishing and primping, trimming and shaping – their years of experience are unparalleled.

Winston-Salem Clothing Alteration & Tailoring: A - Z Tailor & Alterations

Call A - Z Tailor & Alterations at 336.407.4540. Winston-Salem Landscaping