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Women's Alterations in New York

Please note that a professional and experienced male tailor will perform the fitting. If you prefer a female seamstress, please let us know in advance. Our female seamstress is part-time.

A good tailor can make the difference between a garment that simply looks okay on you and a garment that looks fantastic on you. We have been altering women's clothes for nearly 3 decades with a very high satisfaction rating.  Family owned and operated.  All work is GUARANTEED!

From women's professional wear to casual wear to formal dresses and gowns, our qualified tailors are able to handle all your alterations requirements. Imagine a wardrobe that is made to fit YOU. We offer everything from basic alterations to total restyles for women.

Fashion Re-Styling
Have a fabulous jacket with big shoulder pads? An outdated suit that still has plenty of life left in it? Don't discard them! Bring them to us for an update. We will restyle your outdated pieces and bring them to life again with a few expert alterations.

Basic Clothing Alterations
Are your jeans 2 inches too long? Would your mid-calf skirt look much better just above the knee? Is your dress too big or too small in the wrong places? Let us help you get the perfect fit throughout your whole wardrobe.

Advanced Dress Alterations
With nearly thirty years experience, you can trust us for expert services in:
• Silk • Sequin • Chiffon • Crystal • Beading • Lace Work • Fine Fabrcs • Swarovski Crystals

Flat Rate Women's Alterations Pricing

Our pricing is consistent across the board.  We feel our pricing is competitive considering we offer a lifetime guarantee on all alterations, and considering we are located in a Class A Office Building in Midtown Manhattan near Grand Central and Rockefeller Center.  Please note that our pricing may be higher than local dry cleaners or local seamstresses, but our primary focus is on quality and fit, not price. All women’s alterations are covered under a money back assurance. if you are not happy, simply request a refund. Pricing on hand made garments and outerwear may fluctuate slightly


$35: PANTS HEM total to hem pants. Plain Hem or Cuff Hem.

$35: REGULAR JEAN HEM total to hem jeans. Add $10 for ORIGINAL JEAN HEM.

$35: WAIST, SEAT, or CROTCH adjustment on a pair of pants.

$65: TAPER LEGS, slim down the legs of pants.


$65: PER JACKET ALTERATION ie $65 total for sleeves, $65 total to take in arms, $65 total to take in jacket sides, etc. Additional fee may apply for completely hand tailored clothing.

$95: COLLAR raise or lower for most jackets.

$65: FAUX BUTTONHOLES to install imitation buttonholes on a jacket sleeve (total).

$95: REAL BUTTONHOLES to install functional surgeon cuffs on a jacket sleeve (total).

$195: SHORTEN AN ENTIRE JACKET from the bottom.



$40: additional to above pricing for entirely hand made clothing and outerwear.


$50 to $100: To Adjust The Straps of Any Type of Dress. (Total for Both Straps)

$50 to $100: To Install Bra Cups in Any Type of Dress. (Total for Both Cups)

$50 to $100: To Hem Each Layer of Any Type Dress. Lining Also Counts as a Separate Layer.

$100+ : To Resize a Dress / Take In or Let Out a Dress by up to One Size. Hem Additional.

$200+ : To Recut A Dress / Take In or Let Out a Dress by Two or More Sizes. Hem Additional.

$250+ : To Increase the Size of a Dress by Adding a Discrete Panel. Hem Additional.

Pricing Note: Additional will apply or for pleating, gathering, chiffon, silk, lace, sequin, charmeuse, beaded & other sensitive or delicate fabrics.


$65 : To hem a skirt including the lining.

$65 : To taper a skirt.

$35 : Per waist seam being taken in

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to take in or let out the sides of a dress?
$100 to $200 to resize up to one size.  $200 to $300 to resize more than one size.  Hem is additional.

How much does it cost to hem the bottom of a dress?
$50 to $100 to hem each layer of the dress.

How long does it take to alter a dress?
1 to 2 weeks. We cannot rush women’s alterations since our seamstress is part-time.