How to Wear a Suit Like a Movie Star

How to Wear a Suit Like a Movie Star

While I am utterly impressed by the high-risk stunts in James Bond movies, I can’t fail to notice his suits that speaks of confidence. Why James Bond? You may ask. Of course, there are many iconic film stars out there, but I find Bond's style to be quite sophisticated and outstanding. The timeless nature of the suits is something that always gets me. I mean, even a suit he wore back in 2002 can still be worn today and remain miles ahead of fashion. So, what does it take for one to wear a suit like a movie star? Tailoring. Yes, every guy needs at least one well-tailored suit in his wardrobe.  Amazingly tailored. Perfectly proportion in size. A suit is one garment that will make a man feel like they own world. With confidence to face anything, just like James Bond.


The first step to donning like a movie star is finding material made of the right stuff. You do not want to wear a suit so heavy that you will be sweating in the next ten minutes. Neither do you want a suit so light that it loses its shape when you start moving. The fabric comprises of superfine wool and is very durable. Silk-wool blends add a significant shine and luster to the fabric which makes them extraordinary than regular plain wool cloth suits.


Blue or black are the dominant colors chosen by movie stars. Midnight blue is perfect for evenings and dinners, but black suits are the standard. James Bond's wardrobe is based around these colors because they allow one to see the man first then the suit second.

Label or Fit?

Don't buy a suit because of the label. Buy it because of the fit. Labels don't always mean that whatever suit you are buying will be great on you. You can't fail to notice how Bond's suits are perfectly fitting. Without considering the label, a good tailor will alter a suit to fit you. And if it fits perfectly, it will look good.

The body in the suit

A fantastic body will make a suit look great. Remember, you want people to see you first before seeing the suit. Daniel Craig, who is a James Bond character, takes at least two hours a day exercising to keep his body in shape.

Keeping the bottom button unfastened

This is one of the suit wearing rules James Bond characters follow to the letter. If you are donning a jacket with two or three buttons, always keep the bottom button unfastened.

Don’t stuff your pockets

Well, you are not going to be running after or from the bad guys like James Bond. So, you might think that it doesn’t matter if you stuff your pant pockets with your phone, notebook, car keys and stuff. However, such stuffing will bulge out and give a bad dent on your perfect outfit. You can keep your phone in your inside pocket or rather have a small briefcase if you have more stuff to carry.


James Shisiah