Men's Tailor and Alterations in New York, NY is your best source for a good fit, great quality, and guaranteed professional alterations and tailoring services in Manhattan. Family owned and operated. All work guaranteed for life.

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We have nearly 5 decades of collective knowledge and experience that give us a unique advantage in providing alterations and tailor services. We are able to provide the most value and innovation per dollar spent by providing a satisfaction guarantee for every tailoring service provided.

Let's face it, your appearance is important. Your wardrobe contributes significantly to the impression you make on others, your success, and your self-esteem. Look better, feel better. As an expert in upscale gentlemen's tailoring and men's alterations, we can help you take that step to the perfect tailored fit.

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Some Designer Brands We Tailor

We specialize in altering designer and upscale brands to the original manufacturer specifications and hand finishing.  Some of the many brands that we alter include:

*We only do limited alterations on the following brands: • IndoChino, • MySuit, • Luigi Bianchi

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Simplified Men's Alterations Pricing

We offer simplified pricing.  Our pricing is consistent across the board.  We feel our pricing is competitive considering we offer a lifetime guarantee on all alterations, and considering we are located in a Class A Office Building in Midtown Manhattan near Grand Central and Rockefeller Center.  Pricing on hand made garments and outerwear may fluctuate slightly.  


$30: Pant Hem (done completely by hand) . Plain Hem or Cuff Hem or Turnover Hem ($5 additional for wide cuff )
$35: Regular Jean Hem.
$45: Original Jean Hem also known as Magic Hem and California Hem.
$35: Take in / Let out waist, seat or crotch.  $35 additional for some denims. $35 additional if pockets get too close to each other.
$65: Taper Legs : take in or let out legs of pants (total).  $35 additional for some denims. $35 additional if pockets get too close.
$65: Remove each pleat on dress pants (pants tend to have 2 to 4 pleats.)


$65: Per jacket alteration ie $65 total for adjusting sleeves, $65 total to adjust arms or biceps, $65 total to take in or take out jacket sides, etc. Additional fee may apply for completely hand tailored clothing.
$100: Collar raise or lower for most jackets.
$65: Faux Buttonholes : to install imitation buttonholes on a jacket sleeve (total).
$130: Real Buttonholes : to install functional surgeon cuffs on a jacket sleeve (total).
$200: Shorten an entire jacket from the bottom.
$200: Reduce shoulder width.
$200: Shorten sleeves from shoulder.
$35: additional per seam to above pricing for entirely hand made clothing and outerwear.

OUTERWEAR PRICING (outerwear pricing ranges since outerwear thickness and detail vary extensively.)

$100 - $200: Per Outerwear Alteration ie $100 - $200 total for adjusting sleeves, $100 to $200 total to adjust arms or biceps, $100 - $200 total to take in or take out jacket sides, etc. Additional fee may apply for completely hand tailored clothing.
$100  - $200: Collar raise or lower for most outerwear.
$65: Faux Buttonholes : to install imitation buttonholes on a jacket sleeve (total).
$130: Real Buttonholes : to install functional surgeon cuffs on a jacket sleeve (total).
$100 - $200: Reduce shoulder width.
$100 - $200: Shorten sleeves from shoulder.


$40: Per Shirt Alteration ie $40 total to adjust sleeves with original detailing, $40 total to take in arms, $40 total to take in shirt sides.
$40 to shorten the bottom of the shirt.

Frequently Asked Questions about our Tailoring:

How much does it cost to take in or let out a suit jacket or blazer?
$65 to take in or let out a suit jacket or a blazer.  Additional for outerwear.

How much does it cost to shorten or lengthen both sleeves of a jacket?
$65 to shorten sleeves.  Additional for outerwear.

My suit fits a few sizes too big. Can you make it closer to an Italian Fit look?
Yes!  We specialize in suit re-cuts.  We can convert an oversize suit to a slim fit.

How do your prices compare to other tailors?
We try to stay competitive with price within our immediate area of Midtown Manhattan.  We feel our prices are reasonable when you compare the fit and quality of our work.  The fit and the work is unconditionally guaranteed for life - no questions asked.  We offer a 100% money back guarantee for any specific portion of the alteration that you are not happy with. 

Alterations Services Available:
We offer repair and alteration services on pants, slacks, trousers, shirts, suits and sport coats for men. Some of our services include: 

• Removal of Pleats from Pants / Slacks
• Make Real Buttonholes on Jacket Sleeves
• Imitation Buttonholes on Jacket Sleeves
• Create Center Vent or Side Vents on a Jacket 

• Original Hem on Jeans.
• Hand Finished Hems on Pants.
• Shorten Jacket Sleeves from Shoulder
• Shorten the entire length of a Jacket
• Raise or Lower Armholes on Coats / Jackets